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     We hope your visit here will tell you something of the ministry of the London Community Chaplaincy.  We are new but not so new!

     In January 2013, the Boards of the former Southdale and Limberlost Chaplaincies voted to bring the organizations together to form the London Community Chaplaincy.  We began operating as the LCC in June 2013. 

     Thanks to the support of the London Community Foundation who provided a grant to fund the facilitation process under the leadership of Maria Sanchez Keane and the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness.   This unification has brought together the strengths of both founding organizations!  Now together, the London Community Chaplaincy (LCC) can provide more resources and programs to the resident communities at Southdale and Limberlost.  We have been able to provide After School programs at both sites five days a week!

     Building on decades of solid work, the London Community Chaplaincy will continue to work with the community members of the housing complexes at Southdale and Limberlost.  The families at Southdale and Limberlost have many strengths and great resilience.  But it isn’t always easy to meet the challenges of living in circumstances of poverty.  The LCC strives to work with families to help connect them with resources, provide advocacy with outside agencies when invited, help build bridges between the faith communities  who support us and the communities we serve and to provide quality children’s programming. 

     We continue to be excited by the opportunities that exist as a result of our unification.  As a result of the unification we have hired two new full time staff; Crystal Hudson is the new Community Builder and will focus her work around adults in the communities and Yordanos Woldemariam who is responsible for the children’s programming on both sites.  Kate Ballagh-Steeper, the Chaplain at Southdale for the past five years is continuing as Chaplain for LCC.  Kate is available to speak to your church, group or service club to share the Good News of this important and vibrant ministry, just contact the office!

New Partnerships!

The last year has presented many opportunities to build new partnerships between the LCC and churches, agencies and other neighbourhood resources.  One of the new partnerships that the LCC is very excited about is with “Art Matters”.  Listen to the MP3 clip to hear some spoken word which talks about the importance of Art in the lives of children and youth – particularly those youth who are “at risk”.

This is how Carl Blackman, founder of “For the People” and motivating force behind Art Matters describes their mission…

 “Art Matters is a program that focuses on providing at risk youth with workshops that demonstrate the importance of art.  The Art Matters organization is comprised of artists from many different fields including videography, music, visual art, spoken word, hair styling etc.  We at “For the People” – the organization behind Art Matters – are determined to raise awareness on the importance of the arts in London.  We understand that many people view the arts as merely a hobby but we have a very different outlook.  The arts is a creative outlet that allows individuals to express themselves, develop their talent and ideally create a career path where you do what you truly love. London is a city filled with outlet for musicians, visual artists, graphic design etc.  Our team firmly believes that it is the responsibility of those who have succeeded or are making progress pursuing their dream to share their story and guide youth.  We want the next generation to realize that art based a careers are not be discouraged but encouraged and promoted through partnerships such as this.”


Artists associated with Art Matters are going to join the London Community Chaplaincy on the Saturday afternoon of our Tim Horton’s Camp

Weekend at the end of March.  Dancers, Writers, Videographers, Sylists, Visual Artists will join us and offer workshops the children and youth can choose from to hear about their work, try it out and explore their creative side!  We are grateful, Tim Horton’s Children Foundation, Camp Onondaga has given us the opportunity to have the Art Matters team join us for a few hours!

Art Matters will return in April to offer a workshop to the older children and youth at Limberlost focuses on Hair Styling and to hear Daniel Lopez’s inspiring story!

Listen to the Spoken Word, you’ll be inspired! The writer and voice of the clip is an artist by the name of ‘Made Wade’.

We’re off to camp! to the Tim Horton’s Children Foundation and their Community Partnership program we are off to Camp Onondaga the last weekend in March!  We already have 14 Chaperones and 60 kids ready to have a fun weekend exploring the site, playing games, exploring our artistic side and enjoying some great food!  This is the third time we have been selected to attend a weekend at Onondaga.  Thank you Tim Horton Children’s Foundation!!

Watch for pictures when we get back!  Pray for good weather!


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